Can War Ever Be Justified? University of Leeds, 8th February, 19:00-21:00

Join Leeds Coalition Against War (LCAW) for a philosophical discussion on the justifications of war and the responsibilities of states towards refugees.
The talk will be taken by two University of Leeds lecturers, Dr. Mollie Gerver and Dr. James Souter. For this discussion, Dr. Gerver will propose some philosophical debates surrounding the justifications of war. Can war ever be justified? Who is justified in going to war? Is there ‘moral conduct’ within war?
We hope the talk will challenge your assumptions and opinions on the morals of warfare, which will lead to an interactive discussion on the topic afterwards.
In addition, Dr. Souter is going to discuss his work about the responsibilities of states to protect refugees, especially towards granting asylum as reparation for past injustices. This will be followed be a Q and A session.

Dr. Mollie Gerver
Mollie is a lecturer in the Philosophy department at the University of Leeds. Her work looks at the rights of refugees and repatriation, especially looking at whether NGO’s should assist refugees in returning to their home countries after being denied asylum abroad.

Dr. James Souter
James works as a lecturer in the International Relations department at the University of Leeds. His main area of study is around ethical questions surrounding asylum, refugee protection and the responsibility to protect (R2P). This event is being held by Leeds Coalition Against War (LCAW), but is open to everyone, please click attending so we can estimate numbers.

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